King Baby Studio Ceramic, Czech Glass, and Hematite Bead Bracelet K40-5894

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A voice harkens back to America's true founding principles - Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.
At King Baby Studio®, vintage coins resurface to communicate a different time in America and each piece of classic American coinage tells a story that cannot be duplicated. As tokens travel, they are shaped by time itself, gaining influence from an array of cultures. A compilation of people from across the globe that made their way to a new land, holding close hope for new dreams for themselves and future generations. This select jewelry collection aims to examine each unique history and is dedicated to the truth held within these irreplaceable stories. Details incorporated into coin edges, engraving, and the use of mixed metals hint at these tales. Native American influence, ever-present, and told through the fascination of coins as ornament rather than currency. Our Liberty torch lights the way to freedom and reminds us to hold close the tenets that make us who we are today. Past meets present as new stories come to life and are translated through these distinct and powerful American Voices that continues to inspire us.
  • .Ceramic, Czech Glass, and Hematite Beads 
  • .925 Silver Lobster Clasp




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